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your joy is my low

{ you lie to spare my life }

Tenna { i will holler you home }
29 December 1984
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Hi there! This here is my LJ. Har har har. (WARNING, THIS PROFILE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND OMG. I WILL GET TO IT AT SOME POINT. For now it is just a jumble of crap. So enjoy. XD)

Some things about me: My name is Heather. (Also known as Heba-san, Tenel Ka, Tenna, Hexterah or Sev. XD) I like cosplaying, conventions, video games, fiber optics, webdesign. I like stuff. YES OMG STUFF. My main fandoms are Star Wars (mostly the EU), Stephen King, Bioshock, Silent Hill, Myst, Shin Megami Tensei and other assorted crazy things. More will go in this bio later but not now. Because I am bored writing things here at this point. ...O_o


THE CIRCUIT BOARD: a message board where geekery reigns supreme. join today and get a cookie!

The other livejournals and
communities of doom that I help run.

sevensatellites | the creativity journal winduland | mace windu's livejournal!
trex_moves | me & my sister's
crackish fandom "art"
fiction_beat | a music-related
fanfiction community
yuck_foo | rants galore!
franklin_sings | crack-recapping teevee
castle_rockers | stephen king fans
with a twisted sense of humor
king_dressing | the stephen king
dressing room!
echuta | echuta.net's update log
chronocles | reporting in a
galaxy far far away
ontd_starwars | SELF
outlanders | sw expanded
universe costuming
fountain_palace | a tenel ka community
misguided_hero | a jacen solo community
jacentenelka | a jacen/tenel ka
community (lol duh)
ventcrawling | a zekk community
aktiri | a matthew woodring
stover community
hug_clones | delta/omega
squad loooooove


My main websites:

My not main but highly favored websites XD:


Calender of dooooooom! - 2011:
February 18 - 20: Katsucon
March 31 - April 3: Pittsburgh to visit VV & BB and Tekkoshocon!
April 27: 30 Seconds to Mars concert
June 3 - 12: Family cruise!
September 1 - 5: Dragon*Cooooooon



Ereneda's Profile Page

I claimed Henry Townshend [ SH4 ] at gamecharacter~ <3

Organization XIII { blog crew } .. Zexion -- shadow walking tactician
Stephen King Blogcrew » Peter McVries, Scott Landon & George Stark

MEGATEN PERSONA BLOG CREW NIKE」 emerged from the sea of my soul!
I rickrolled JACEN SOLO, and I'm NEVER gonna give him up
transmigration of my soul Reiji Kido Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Jacen Solo is Wonder Boy Love.

Rapture is jacked up on plasmids underwater love.

Silent Hill Heroes are "OMG WTF IS THAT?!" love.

Dean & Sam Winchester are Brotherly Love
30 seconds to mars, achenar, adventures in wonderland, akira yamaoka, america's next top model, anderson cooper, arrested development, austin scarlett, battle royale, bawls, bing bong brothers, bioshock, buster bluth, caine, caleb ross, carnivale, carth onasi, celldweller, chapelle show, chris corner, cirque du soleil, clue, cobra starship, coheed and cambria, cosplay, crystal snakes, darth caedus, dead rising, delta squad, depeche mode, dir en grey, disney world, dragon*con, electric six, everybody hates chris, fallout 3, final fantasy, g.o.b. bluth, gackt, gadell vessau, galerians, garden state, ghost hunters, glowsticks, gormenghast, grand theft auto, haunting ground, henry townshend, heroes, hotel dusk, house, i am x, iasip, innerpartysystem, interpol, j-rock, jacen solo, jacen/tenel ka, james sunderland, jared leto, jared padalecki, jason bateman, jedi strike team, jesse spencer, jet set radio future, jonathan rhys meyers, julien-k, katamari damacy, kate bush, katsucon, kenna, kevin zegers, king's quest, kingdom hearts, kotor, kriff this, kyp durron, l'arc~en~ciel, laura bow, left 4 dead, leon s. kennedy, lisey's story, lou taylor pucci, luigi, malice mizer, matthew woodring stover, myst, n.e.r.d., nalcon, napoleon dynamite, omgwtfbbq, operation hotmother, organization xiii, orgy, our lady peace, outkast, persona, peter mcvries, phantasmagoria, private, project runway, radiohead, raithe, razed in black, republic commando, resident evil 4, riven, river phoenix, royal rainbow, saw, scott landon, scrubs, shivers, silent hill, sirrus, sneaker pimps, spaced, ssx, star wars, steerpike, stephen king, stfu, supernatural, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenel ka, the birthday massacre, the chumscrubber, the faint, the fall, the lonely island, the long walk, the mummy, the office, the tribe, the warriors, titus, tristan/isolde, troy denning, twin peaks, tzimisce, vampire: the masquerade, william faulkner, writing, young jedi knights, your mom, zekk, zell dincht, zeromancer, zexion, zombies